Weather in Naples

Thanks to its seaside location, Naples has a Mediterranean climate with mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. It's one of Italy's sunniest cities.

Naples in winter

During the winter months, from November to March, Naples experiences its coldest temperatures. However with average lows of 4ºC and average highs of 13ºC, you won't be freezing! We do recommend bringing warm layers and a waterproof or umbrella during these months for maximum comfort.

Naples in summer

During July and August, the average daily temperatures range from lows of 18ºC to highs of 30ºC, comfortably warm if you don't mind too much heat! From June through to August you'll have the least chance of rain.

When's best to travel to Naples?

For mild, warm temperatures, a smaller chance of rain, and the added bonus of fewer queues at popular places of interest, we recommend visiting Naples during the spring or the autumn. For lovers of heat and those planning to go to the beach, summer is perfect; and naturally the city is lovely in winter too, provided you're wrapped up warm!