Buses in Naples

Buses in Naples

The historic centre of Naples can be easily explored on foot, but the bus network is a good way to reach its outskirts and nearby sights.

Bus routes

The Naples bus network has 150 different lines, providing comprehensive travel around the historic centre as well as the surrounding area. From a tourist's point of view, unless you're staying far outside of the city centre, you probably won't need to take the bus much. In each page of this guide dedicated to Naples' main places of interest, we have included the relevant bus routes to take if this is the most convenient mode of transport for you.

Check out a map of Naples with the public transport options displayed:

Naples Public Transport Map

Most of the bus routes that you'll be interested in as a tourist have a stop in Piazza Garibaldi.

Ticket prices

The bus network in Naples is run by the same company as the metro, so the tickets cost the same amount. If you're only planning a couple of journeys, buy single tickets for 1.50 (US$ 1.60) each, or if you're planning on using the public transport network a lot, there is also the option to purchase a day ticket, costing 4.50 (US$ 4.90) for unlimited use of the metro and bus systems.