Naples Metro

Naples Metro

With two underground lines and 26 stops around the city, plus trains running along the coast to places like Pompeii, Naples' metro network is easy to use.

Schedule & frequency

The Naples metro runs daily from 6 am to 11 pm, with departures from every 6 minutes to every 15 minutes.

Ticket prices

For tourists, the best option is usually to buy single tickets, which cost 1.10 (US$ 1.20) each. However, if you're planning on using the public transport network a lot, there is also the option to purchase a day ticket, costing €4.50 for unlimited use of the metro, bus and funicular systems.


With just two lines, the Naples metro network is easy to use. Line 1 covers a total distance of 11 miles (18 km) and has 19 stops. It is known as the "Art Line", thanks to the incredible works of art which decorate its stops: don't miss checking out Garibaldi, Toledo and Universidad to feel like you're in a museum!

The other line is line 6, which is currently under construction.


In addition to the metro system, Naples has a good train network connecting the city to nearby places of interest, as well as other cities in Italy. Each of the different tourist destinations in this guide have transport information for any trains that stop nearby.


Naples is also known for its funicular railways providing excellent panoramic views over the surrounding area. Three services connect central Naples to the hilltop district of Vomero, while a fourth connects the coastal districts of Mergellina and Posillipo Hill. They operate from 7am to 10pm daily and tickets are the same as for the metro and bus:

  • Funicolare Centrale: from Piazzetta Augusteo to Piazza Fuga.
  • Funicolare di Chiaia: from Via del Parco Margherita to Via Domenico Cimarosa.
  • Funicolare di Montesanto: from Piazza Montesanto to Via Raffaele Morghen.
  • Funicolare di Mergellina: connects the waterfront at Via Mergellina with Via Manzoni.

Naples Metro map

Find a map of the Naples metro and train networks below. The metro lines are "Linea 1 ANM" and "Linea 6 ANM":

Naples Metro map